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So many times we run into real estate gurus who would like nothing better than to sell us their new book or their new training course. I have seen these courses for sale for over $50,000. That is a lot of money to spend on education. Investors who have that kind of money should be using it to invest not to line someone else’s pocket. Those who don’t have that kind of money sitting around need not despair because they too can succeed in real estate.

My dad and I started learning about Real Estate together and between us we have spent thousands of dollars on these books and courses. We advertised, set up telephone lines, joined clubs, and played educational board games. These things were valuable but in all of that we never actually did any real estate transactions.

Then, earlier this year, I got an idea. What if I could get real estate experts to give their information for free on the internet? Not people making money on books but ones actually making money by buying and selling real estate. That idea has become this web site, . I have found several real estate investors who are happy to share their information with you and me on this site, and of course we are always looking for more.

Will you join with me in this project? We need your help with three things:

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  3. Helping our community by answering people’s questions and promoting discussion

If the timing isn’t right for you then please consider getting on the Founder’s List where I will be updates two to three times per month about our progress getting this community off the ground. We are also thinking about some special goodies to give to Founder’s List members.

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