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This is a selection of interesting or useful articles that I have found on other sites.

4 Step Process for Turning Sellers into Motivated Sellers

What do you do when a seller doesn’t seem motivated? Sometimes that seller just needs some help to become motivated. Tom Sylvester give some excellent advice on how to find motivation hidden in unmotivated sellers.

Loving People More Than Money

I firmly believe that whenever you are doing business with someone you should be trying to help them. John Fedro talks about the importance of loving people. He is writing about mobile homes but his words equally apply to other properties as well.

Using Your Strengths to Succeed as a Real Estate Investor

The first rule of getting things done is do something, the second rule is use what you have. Ali Boone has some good advice about using your strengths to choose your path in real estate.

Why Being “Small” in Your Real Estate Business Might Be an Awesome Thing

Small real estate investors have some real advantages over big ones. That is one of the reasons we focus on helping small investors here at Real Investing Experts .com. Ian Kuchman explains some of the main advantages that small investors have and some of the dangers of getting big.

Brandon Bought a “Waldo” Rental Property…. But Should You?

Are odd properties a good investment? Ben Leybovich suggests they can be, but maybe not for beginners.

Are You Waiting for Interest Rates to Drop?

This article about interest rate trends from Elizabeth Weintraub goes well with yesterday’s buyer confidence survey.

Homebuyer Confidence Picks Up For the First Time in 2013; 28 Percent Believe Now is Good Time to Buy

This Redfin survey warns that rising interest rates may be a problem for buyers in 2014

The #1 Most Important Lesson in House Flipping

I have a passion for teaching people and that is part of why I created Real Investing Experts .com . When I read this article by Michael LaCava I realized that he has the same passion. I believe it is the most important lesson in all forms of real estate investing, not just flipping like […]

Get the Most from Your Home Inspection

What should you ask about your home inspection? This article from Total Mortgage isn’t focused on investors, but it still has some good information about home inspections.

5 Ways to Build Your Credibility – Even Before Doing Your First Real Estate Deal

Reputation can be everything in real estate circles. But what do you do if you are just getting started? Bigger Pockets andwers that question with this great article.